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Enterprises Can Benefit from ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense Testing

As threats change, security product vendors hurry to keep pace.  Enterprises wonder whether commercial advanced threat defense (ATD) solutions will be able to keep up with the ever-evolving threatscape.

4 Considerations for a Bug Bounty Program

I recently read some of the articles about bug bounties and their relative virtues. Some of the comments were thought provoking, controversial and entertaining as they are a departure from comments that are trying to make a marketing statement rather than an avenue for expressing their true feelings on the subject.

Why Certify? The Significance of ICSA Labs Certification

When it comes to security, many vendors consider certification of its products by an independent organization an option, not a requirement. However, third party testing is an important element when a company is deciding on technology solutions that are part of its security management program.

Confused about new Texas Law, Title 10, Section 2059.060? Read the law itself.

The state of Texas recently had a law go into effect (on Dec. 1, 2010) that impacts the security product testing industry, including ICSA Labs.  The law has attracted a significant amount of attention, some of which is inaccurate. 

The law—and the administrative code that provides rules on implementation—includes a section that clearly and succinctly defines terms.  I encourage you to read the law yourselves, quotations and links provided below. 

How to Select a Network Firewall

So you are looking to update or change out your existing firewall. Or perhaps you are purchasing a new firewall to supplement your existing security program. Or you are considering a new firewall based on the new functionality you have heard or read about. 

The obvious question is – “How do I decide what to get?” 

New Certification Program Launching for Broadband Home Routers

Hackers are increasingly targeting home routers as a means of gaining access to sensitive personal data.  To help combat this threat, ICSA Labs is offering a new program under which manufacturers can have broadband home routers certified.

Give me Independent Testing or Give me Death

235 years ago today (March 23, 1775), Patrick Henry gave a powerful speech to Virginia’s delegates in Richmond that ended in the famous saying, “give me liberty, or give me death.”  Liberty, freedom, and independence are powerful ideas central to free nations, and also advocated by many businesses in those nations.  

Looking to make certified products a proposal requirement? Look here for sample language.

Today (January 6) we issued a press release (available here www.icsalabs.com/press-release/icsa-labs-offers-tips) with tips on how business and government agencies can use independent product assurance from a third party to simplify the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.