ICSA Labs Blog: Vulnerabilities

Understanding the benefits of ICSA Labs certification

Knowing the benefits of certification is important for security product vendors and enterprises to understand.

The first step is to understand what certification is and what it is not.

Our Product is Great! It’s 93 Percent Effective! Buy Our Product!

A product developer proudly sent out an e-mail blast to all of their friends and family stating that their product had done well in a recent third-party network IPS test. The developer was excited that the product had better than 93 percent coverage protection during the test. Ninety-three percent may be great for a high school exam, but for a product designed to protect enterprises from attacks, the product may not be doing very well if 7 percent of relevant enterprise vulnerabilities go unprotected.

Tips On Choosing Which Vulnerabilities to Test

During April and May 2010, two interesting vulnerability-related developments occurred.  First, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the list of vulnerabilities that it cares about in terms of its USGv6 testing.  Second, a helpful new web site, "Useable" CVE Security Vulnerability Data, was l

Why a Test Lab Needs to be Wary of Commercial Exploit Packet Captures

When it comes to testing coverage protection for their network intrusion prevention system (IPS), enterprise end users may use a commercial tool that contains and replays many exploit packet captures.[1]