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Facebook exposes some emails and phone numbers – Big Deal!

Hi folks,

Over the weekend, FaceBook disclosed that a bug in their code had accidentally leaked some six million email addresses and phone numbers over the course of about a year. While the majority of the comments on FaceBook’s Mea Culpa page indicate outrage and worry, in my opinion, no one should be in the least bit surprised.

By this, I’m not implying that FaceBook is unprofessional in how it codes its website, or that it is unconcerned about its users’ privacy. It’s simply a tough job, and humans make mistakes.

Sponsored Ads Serving Up Scams On Facebook

Over the weekend, my eyes were drawn to this sponsored ad on my Facebook page.
Hmm… I’ve seen that sort of thing before, but it says it’s something to do with Amazon, so I click it, expecting to go to amazon.com.

Ramnit’s Not Actually a Facebook Worm

Hi folks,

Last week, information surfaced about a new version of W32/Ramnit, which had stolen some Facebook credentials. Most people understood that to mean that there was a new Facebook worm in town.

Trojans and Worms and Botnets, Oh My!

Today we put out a press release with tips on how users can use their favorite social media sites - like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - without compromising their personal information.