ICSA Labs Blog: Electronic Health Records

EHR ADOPTION: Putting the Pieces Together

The U.S. health care system is undergoing a slow but steady technological revolution driven by the passing of the HITECH Act and the EHR Incentive programs that have resulted in thousands of eligible providers and hospitals implementing certified EHR technology products.

One of the chief characteristics of the incentive programs that drive adoption is that in order to obtain these incentives it is not enough to simply purchase certified technology. That technology needs to be used, and continued to be used in a way that will improve health care delivery.

Announcing the First Products Certified Under ICSA Labs' EHR Program

ICSA Labs has expanded its offerings to include the testing of Health Information Technology (HIT) products. My name is Amit Trivedi, and I'm managing the health care program. While I'm new to ICSA Labs, I have been working in the health IT and security fields for many years - managing and auditing systems, developing criteria to test products, and advocating HIT standards and interoperability.