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Hoofy, Boo, and the Great Firewall of China

Last month I mentioned the Great Firewall of China in a blog posting.  Apparently it was recently in the news covered by Hoofy and Boo as well.  What?  You’ve never heard of Hoofy and don’t know who Boo is either?  This 2 minute video will get you acquainted with them and tell you about their experiences with the Great Firewall of Ch

Why Russia’s Spam Levels Don’t Look More Like China’s

I recently wrote a blog entry called, “Whatever Happened to China” that suggests what may have led to a noticeable decrease in the spam ICSA Labs had been receiving from China at the end of 2009. I concluded that the amount of spam we collected from China fell just as the Chinese government began making the .cn domain name registration process more cumbersome.

Whatever Happened to China?

Two years ago, ICSA Labs began publishing the Top 10 nations where spam originates. The weekly published chart compares last week’s leading spam-sending nations to those from the previous week. An accompanying graph compares trends for some of the top spam-sending nations over the most recent 6 months.