Are You Being Followed?
June 28, 2012
By Jack Walsh


No, you’re probably not being followed.  Or at least, let’s hope no one is following you.  And while there may not be a person keeping tabs on your whereabouts, you’re probably carrying something that can and often does keep track of you.  That something is your smart phone.  

With you at all times during the day and close by as you sleep at night, your smart phone sure is great.  There are wonderful apps to help get you from where you are right now to some destination.  And it’s so useful when you are hungry for Thai food in an unfamiliar town or when you are on the golf course and you want to know how close you are to the pin.  

It’s because of features like these that we carry smart phones all the time.  

Your individual movements by themselves may be uninteresting.  But consider them altogether over the course of time.  Add to them the many calls made and received as well as the SMS messages sent and received each day.  If all of this were plotted with what you wrote on your Twitter feed, your blog entries and other social media entries, someone could really build quite a profile about you – what you like, where you typically go, etc. 

Think it’s impossible?  It’s apparently not so far-fetched an idea.  ZEIT ONLINE, a German newspaper published the whereabouts and actions of a German politician, Malte Spitz, who sued to acquire his phone data from Deutsche Telekom.  Herr Spitz then passed 6 months of this data to ZEIT ONLINE, giving folks an idea of just how detailed a profile could be created.


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