Clickmania – An Internet Disease with a Cure
May 9, 2011
By Andrew Hayter

Will you succumb to Clickmania?? I define this horrible Internet disease as the uncontrollable need to “click” your mouse on every picture of a world disaster, Royal Wedding, Osama bin Laden, nuclear reactor explosion, or Hollywood star in trouble with the law today on Facebook or Twitter.  

The purveyors of this disease are the dirty undesirables of this world who will prey on your need to “click.” Next up, you’ll be told your computer has a virus and you need to invest in an anti-virus product. Once you “click” on that, you have fallen for a socially engineered tactic to convince you to buy  a fake anti-virus program. Or maybe it’s not a fake anti-virus program. Maybe they just want to have you join them by “clicking” on a movie of some important world event and becoming one of their zombies in a worldwide botnet army. Either way, you’ve been scammed, taken, and robbed. 
Think about following the advice of the National Cyber Security Alliance’s Stop.Think.Connect campaign.  Before you click on that link, stop and check out from whom it was sent.  Think about where it will take you on the internet. Put your mouse on the link and it will, most of the time, display in your browser exactly where you are going to on the Internet highway.  Once you are sure you know the source of the link is safe and taking you to a safe place, only then should you “click” on the link and connect to a safe Website.  STOP.THINK.CONNECT. It’s the cure for Clickmania.


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