Don’t get fooled again
August 25, 2010
By Andrew Hayter

Don’t be fooled by the latest round of “rogue” anti-virus products.  Typically rogue anti-virus products attempt to tell you that your PC is infected (when it’s not) and social engineer you into buying the rogue anti-virus product under the guise of cleaning up the problem.

The latest trick from rogue anti-virus products is to uninstall your perfectly good and legal anti-virus product. Once your legitimate product is uninstalled, the rogue product will try to download another rogue anti-virus product that does not protect you, but in almost all instances does your PC harm.  It could download a real virus, a Trojan Horse that could start to steal passwords or worse.

So, don’t be fooled. Install a third-party certified anti-virus product.  Keep the anti-virus product, your operating system and browser up to date.  If you do that, you won’t be fooled again by this trick.



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