Sponsored Ads Serving Up Scams On Facebook
March 6, 2012
By Roger Thompson
Over the weekend, my eyes were drawn to this sponsored ad on my Facebook page.
Hmm… I’ve seen that sort of thing before, but it says it’s something to do with Amazon, so I click it, expecting to go to amazon.com.
Instead, I’m taken to a different website, and when I do a whois search on this second website, instead of showing amazon.com as the owner, it says that ownership is hidden behind a proxy service. What this means is that we can’t tell who is running this page….


Now it displays an NBC and a Fox logo. That must be legit, right? Note, however, that it says “You can get iPad 2,” not “Here’s your iPad2”.
I must be smarter than 95 percent of American men, because the next page tells me so…
The next page, in the small print, tells me that it is not actually affiliated with NBC or Fox, and we ask ourselves, “Well, why is it displaying their logos, then?”


Next, we are asked for our address and cell phone number, and finally we get to the heart of the matter.

If you read the small print on this page, it seems that what they REALLY want is to automatically charge your cell phone $9.95 per month, and for that, they’ll send you some ringtones, or amazing facts, and allow you to bid on things, up to 20 times per day. This is presumably how you’ll get your iPad 2 -- one day.  

This might well be a legitimate business, and whether or not you think this is a good deal is a matter of judgment, but personally, I think that being drawn in by an advertisement that first implies a relationship with Amazon, and then NBC and Fox, and whose ownership is not being disclosed publically, is dubious at best.
Folks, stay away from things like this. Save up for an iPad2 yourself instead.
Stay safe.


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