Happy Valentines Day -- here’s your malware.
February 11, 2010
By Andrew Hayter

Pick a holiday, any holiday, and get ready for targeted, malicious email.  

It starts with a simple email wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. These sweet wishes are followed by a link that instructs you to click on it to see or hear a message from that special someone.  Click on that link, however, and a Web site pops up that asks you to download a codec or update to Flash, a music player or video viewer.  And of course you download the code because you want to see your card.  Right?  As simple as that, you are infected.  Yes, love can be infectious, but so is malware.

Before opening that email wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, make sure you know WHO sent it to you.  Be very, very careful if you have to “click” to receive the message.  Make sure you always use an ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus product, and keep your anti-virus updated along with your operating system and browser.  

Happy Valentines Day – say it with roses and a card!


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