How to Select an IPSec Gateway
October 22, 2010
By Guy Snyder

Maybe your business is expanding. Perhaps the organization has compliance requirements it is trying to fulfill. It is possible that you have decided to tighten the security in your business sector. Or you could be just upgrading current equipment. Whatever the reason for selecting IPsec gateway solutions, you have many choices. In addition to all the choices, you probably have a lot of questions. Sure you can ask the vendor these questions. You may get three different answers from three different vendors.  The new solution you seek might be IPv6 and/or IKEv2. Finally, maybe all of this is new to you and you need someone just to point you in the right direction.

Regardless of why your company is considering an IPsec Gateway solution, ICSA Labs can help with your decision making process. ICSA Labs today released a new white paper, “How to Select an IPsec Gateway” that walks you through the process you need to follow before purchasing an IPsec Gateway. The white paper provides an easy step-by-step approach to this difficult decision, along with many tips to help guide you.

The new white paper builds on the previously publishedHow to Select the Right Computer or Network Security Productpaper by getting specifically into how to pick an IPsec Gateway. Our goal is for these two papers to simplify an otherwise confusing and difficult decision.

Check them both out and let us know what you think.


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