How to Select a Network Firewall
December 3, 2010
By Brian Monkman, Network Security Programs Manager

So you are looking to update or change out your existing firewall. Or perhaps you are purchasing a new firewall to supplement your existing security program. Or you are considering a new firewall based on the new functionality you have heard or read about. 

The obvious question is – “How do I decide what to get?” 

Well, ICSA Labs has you covered. Today we have released a new white paper, “How to Select a Network Firewall". This white paper will walk you through what to consider when scoping your needs. It also lists recommended steps that you can follow to help make your purchasing decision. 

The new white paper builds on the previously published “How to Select the Right Computer or Network Security Product” paper by getting specifically into how to pick a network firewall. 

My intention is to help make a complex security decision easier.  If you have any comments or questions, please post them and I’ll be happy to provide more information.



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