ICSA Labs Launches First-Ever Advanced Threat Defense Certification Testing Program
December 9, 2015
By Jack Walsh


This blog entry is the first in a four-part series marking the launch of ICSA Labs’ newest certification testing program for Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions.  Be sure to check back on the ICSA Labs Security Testing Blog each Monday through December for an update.

Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Solutions – Why Enterprises Need Them

Several long-vexing threats continue to burden enterprise security staff.  Both “advanced” and “targeted” threats that sneak past enterprise defenses may then “persist” inside the organization. Still, whether a threat persists, is advanced, or specifically targets an organization, what has long dogged enterprise security teams is how to defend against new threats.

It’s these unknown threats that often pose the greatest risk to enterprises.  That’s because an enterprise’s traditional, defense-in-depth security solutions cannot adequately protect against attacks they have never seen before.

Enter Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions.

Commercial ATD solutions aim to detect and, in some cases, protect against threats that are advanced, targeted, and likely to be persistent (if not initially caught).  ATD solutions also go a step further, defending enterprises from attacks that are new, such as threats that traditional security products may miss.

What makes ATD solutions “advanced” is the threat detection employed. In other words, the technology and the means by which it detects previously unknown threats (whether advanced or not). In this way, ATD solutions complement an organization’s traditional signature-based and protocol-oriented security products and together strengthen the enterprise’s defense-in-depth strategy.

ICSA Labs’ Role

Over nearly 25 years, ICSA Labs has rigorously and repeatedly tested hundreds of computer and network security products against criteria standards it develops in conjunction with industry experts.  With its most recent announcement, ICSA Labs has begun testing and certifying ATD Solutions against version 1.0 of the ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certification Testing Criteria.

ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense Certified Solutions

ICSA Labs would like to acknowledge and congratulate Fortinet, Symantec, and Trend Micro for being the first companies to attain ICSA Labs ATD Certification.  While we tested other solutions, ICSA Labs only publishes reports for ATD solutions that have successfully met all the requirements in version 1.0 of our ATD Certification testing criteria.  

Vendors interested in participating in future ATD test cycles (3-4 per year), should contact hbrittain@icsalabs.com.


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