IPv4 Addresses Depleting Faster Than I Thought
December 10, 2010
By Guy Snyder

In October, I was interviewed and said that there were about 5 percent of IPv4 addresses left and 234 days left until the IPv4 addresses were used up (TechNewsWorld, “Get Ready to Kiss IPv4 Goodbye: Q&A With ICSA Labs' Guy Snyder”).  The 5 percent was fact, according to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and the 234 was an educated guess based on previous use of addresses. 

On November 30, IANA distributed much more of the remaining IPv4 blocks of addresses.  The IANA free pool of IPv4 addresses now stands at seven /8s, or 2.73 percent of the total IPv4 address pool. 

Do you realize how fast those addresses went away?  Now there are only 85 days left. Again this is just an educated guess, but if you have not started planning for your IPv6 transition, I recommend that you start soon.  And by soon, I mean yesterday. 



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