The (malware) gift that keeps giving…
June 2, 2010
By Andrew Hayter

It’s pretty simple. If you are going to distribute any computer media to anyone, at anytime, it’s best to scan it with an ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus Product before you distribute it.  You can find a list of certified Anti-Virus products here.

This can prevent embarrassment such as what occurred to a large, global company recently.  According to media reports from the Australian press, attendees of AusCERT, Australia’s most important computer security conference, received an USB flash drive with a virus infection on it from an exhibitor.

How do you prevent this?

1) If you are producing media for distribution you should first scan the original files with multiple ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus Products.

2) Next, scan the final “golden” code for malware.  Every time the files are moved from one computer to another they must be checked for malware. 

3) The media that is being used should be scanned from a known clean PC for malware. 

4) Finally, after reproducing the media with the final material the USB flash drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc. should be scanned again from a know clean PC with multiple ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus products.

As a regular practice, users should scan all media they receive prior to use. You never know what it might be harboring. 

These standard practices exist for a reason – follow them to protect yourself.


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