Pick a holiday…any holiday
May 24, 2010
By Andrew Hayter

If there is a reason for celebration, a time to get together, a holiday or major news story,  expect the malware writers to take advantage of the technically disadvantaged by creating and distributing spam or malware with some reference or association to that event.  Let’s take the recent report in Infosecurity of hackers spreading fake anti-virus software via messages about the last episode of the U.S. television show LOST.  
I think we have figured out the pattern.

Here is a brief list of upcoming opportunities to exploit:

  • Memorial Day (USA)
  • The Celebrity Apprentice
  • American Idol
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • NBA Basketball Finals
  • Anything Tiger Woods
  • Indianapolis 500
  • Major League Baseball All Star Game
  • Fourth of July (USA)
  • Any celebrity divorce, arrest, untimely demise, or pregnancy
  • Natural or man-made disaster

So malware writers and spammers …. we’ve figured you out.

Hey virus writers, I stubbed my big toe!  Where’s the spam on that event?



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