Smart Phones Do VPNs Too. Who Knew?
May 24, 2012
By Jack Walsh

What makes a tablet or smart phone a powerful tool? 

Most people probably think it’s the apps they’ve installed, the web browsing they perform, or the email applications they use.  And that is fine… 

But it’s the confidentiality built into smart mobile devices that allows them to be great work tools.   

In addition to its many other capabilities, your smart mobile device is typically manufactured to serve as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client.  Most likely, the CTO and IT staff at your company have realized this already.  It’s probably thanks to a built-in VPN (or an installed application that provides VPN client functionality) that you are able to remotely access your company’s work-related applications, including email, calendar, work contacts, etc. 

Unfortunately, not all VPN clients and servers are created equal.  This was true 15 years ago when we started our IPsec VPN certification testing program.  It was true several years later when we began a testing program to test Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) VPNs.  Both of those testing programs are still going strong.  So, it is really only natural that ICSA Labs will now test mobile VPN clients to make sure that the confidentiality and authentication provided in smart phones and tablets is up to today’s standards. 

To provide reassurance to enterprise customers around the world, carriers, smart device manufacturers, and makers of the VPN technology in mobile devices are invited to get their VPN technology tested here at ICSA Labs.  Check out the press release that dropped May 22, 2012 announcing the advent of the ICSA Labs Mobile VPN Security testing program.


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