Verizon Launches 2011 Data Breach Investigation Report – What Does It Mean for You?
April 22, 2011

On April 19, Verizon issued its much-anticipated 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).  This report has become the seminal report for the security community, and is eagerly awaited for each year. 

Some key takeaways from this year’s report:

·        The amount of compromised records plummeted – from 144 million records in 2009 to 4 million in 2010.

·        The number of data breached skyrocketed – from 141 breaches in 2009 to 760 data breaches in 2010, representing the largest caseload worked yet.

·        External attacks—which account for 92 percent of breaches—are on the rise with hackers focusing on small, opportunistic attacks on multiple targets.

·        Businesses and consumers should continue to implement security measures across their organizations.

·        Hacking is way up and was present in 50 percent of attacks.  Look for a future blog post from my colleague Andy Hayter on this topic. 

So what’s a business to do?  The report offers several recommendations:

·        Namely, organizations should use simple, essential security practices across the entire organization.  For a home user, this means protecting your entire home network.

·        Audit and monitor corporate users.

·        Monitor your event logs, keeping a keen eye out for obvious security flags.

·        Consumers, watch your back!  ATMs and gas pumps were among the choicest targets for physical hacking.  When you use them, cover your card and look for any signs that the device has been tampered with. 

I highly recommend that you download and read the full report.  It’s really a must-read for infosec professionals!



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