What’s the main IPv6 security issue in most networks?
June 14, 2011
By Darren Hartman

There’s much evidence that World IPv6 Day was a success.  Whether it was or not, hopefully it's prompting people to think about transitioning their networks to IPv6.  So, what's the implication for your network's security?  Well, is IPv6 running in your network?  Are your network security devices configured to inspect IPv6 traffic, or are they even equipped to do so?  If you know the answers to these questions, then you probably don't need to continue reading.  

But if you don't know, we just identified the major issue with respect to IPv6 and your network's security--the lack of knowledge about IPv6 and your network.  It's likely that IPv6 is running in your network and your security devices aren't configured to properly deal with the traffic, or your devices may not even be designed to recognize IPv6.  Educating yourself about IPv6 and how it may be operating in your network is the first step in understanding the implications to your network's security.



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