Mac Attacks: What n00bs are saying
April 19, 2012
By Roger Thompson

A couple of days ago, I got this phish in email…

You can instantly tell it’s a phish by the fact that it is addressed to multiple recipients, but to my eyes, it is further proof of the changing situation for Macs. 

Think about it this way. So far, the Mac attacks have either been spear phishes (some folks call them APTs, but I personally hate that acronym), or remarkably successful attempts to build a Mac-based botnet. All previous attacks have been sophisticated and well planned, involving exploits and/or social engineering.
This one is an obvious and rudimentary attempt to get someone’s Apple ID, which means n00bs are saying “Wait a minute… you mean I can do stuff to Macs? I thought they were invulnerable.”
We may be confident that more Mac Attacks are in the works.
Keep safe, folks.


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