Whether Evasions Are Old or New Is Beside the Point
January 5, 2011
By Jack Walsh

Influenced by the infectious Christmas spirit, I recently wrote a blog entry posted on the antievasion.com website.  The blog entry attempts to put an end to the debate about whether or not Stonesoft discovered these evasion techniques and whether or not they are really new.  Instead the blog entry refocuses the discussion on the fact that handling new and old evasions techniques alike continues to be a concern for network IPS devices.  ICSA Labs’ testing of IPS devices has long borne out the need for network IPS developers to better detect attacks hidden by evasion techniques.  Security vendors, academics and other interested stakeholders would do well to use the antievasion.com website to discuss how to improve security product detection of attacks hidden through the use of the many kinds of evasion techniques rather than debate who found what and when.



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