Which Anti-Spam Product Should I Choose For Our Enterprise?
July 6, 2010
By Jack Walsh

Everyone wants to receive less spam.  So when an organization is looking for the right anti-spam solution, decision makers like you are going to look for the most effective solution.  But how can you know which anti-spam solutions will do the best job possible while fitting into your environment?  What sorts of things can you do to create a good short list of products and then “kick the tires,” if you will, prior to buying?  

ICSA Labs today released a new white paper, “How to Select an Anti-Spam Solution,” that walks you through some steps to follow before the organization purchases an anti-spam solution.  The new white paper dovetails with our previously published paper,”How to Select the Right Computer or Network Security Product” by getting specifically into how to choose an anti-spam solution for your organization.  Together, both white papers provide tips and considerations that will simplify the selection process for you.

I hope reading them will help ease the selection process for your organization.  If you have any specific questions on choosing the right anti-spam product for your environment, I’m happy to answer them.



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