The XP-ocalypse Has Started
April 28, 2014
By Roger Thompson

Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that there was a new zero-day vulnerability, affecting all versions of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It’s not widespread yet, and is just now being used in targeted attacks, but we may be confident that the developers of exploit kits are sharpening their pencils as we speak, and therefore, it won’t be too long before the exploit is in widespread use.

This stings a bit, but it has happened before, and will happen again. Software is written by humans, and most humans make mistakes. Microsoft will patch it - folks will apply the patches - and all will be well again.

Except for those unfortunate souls who don’t apply the patch for one reason or another…

Which brings us to Windows XP.

Technical support has now ended for Windows XP.

Now, some big companies with deep pockets have purchased extended support for XP - because they can’t update to a newer OS easily - but for smaller companies, like schools, doctor’s offices, etc., who are still running XP, there will be no patch.

And for them, the XP-ocalypse has started.

Folks, please upgrade to at least Windows 7 operating system and do it quickly by visiting the Microsoft website.

There will be a new name for those using Windows XP, and that name shall be “Victim.”


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