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ICSA Labs’ Role in the Stonesoft-Discovered Advanced Evasion Techniques

CERT-FI recently announced that Stonesoft found new evasion techniques in its research and development facilities in Helsinki, Finland (statement available here).  The researchers there found the Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs), as Stonesoft calls them, while they were investigating ways to improve their StoneGate IPS and its ability to protect against

Stuxnet Worm: Facts First

Stuxnet is a family of multi-component malware that spreads via removable drives.  It was apparently created in 2009 but was first detected in June 2010 by a security firm based in Belarus.  Due to the complexity and sophistication of Stuxnet, it has proven to be difficult and time consuming to analyze in detail.  Interesting details from several researchers have been reported in the media in the past few days and have gaine

Trojans and Worms and Botnets, Oh My!

Today we put out a press release with tips on how users can use their favorite social media sites - like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - without compromising their personal information.

Don’t get fooled again

Don’t be fooled by the latest round of “rogue” anti-virus products.  Typically rogue anti-virus products attempt to tell you that your PC is infected (when it’s not) and social engineer you into buying the rogue anti-virus product under the guise of cleaning up the problem.

New Certification Program Launching for Broadband Home Routers

Hackers are increasingly targeting home routers as a means of gaining access to sensitive personal data.  To help combat this threat, ICSA Labs is offering a new program under which manufacturers can have broadband home routers certified.

Which Anti-Spam Product Should I Choose For Our Enterprise?

Everyone wants to receive less spam.  So when an organization is looking for the right anti-spam solution, decision makers like you are going to look for the most effective solution.  But how can you know which anti-spam solutions will do the best job possible while fitting into your environment?

Are You In the Market for a Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)? We can help!

Your organization is considering one or more network IPS solutions.  Perhaps the organization has deployed an IPS solution for a few years now and is looking to upgrade.  Perhaps you don’t trust your current IPS solution well enough to place it into prevention mode, and are now looking for a solution that you can trust to prevent attacks while not blocking your business-critical network traffic.  Maybe you ar

In Network IPS Testing, Are We An Extension of Vendor Quality Assurance?

On a visit last year with a network IPS product developer, I happened to mention that to some degree ICSA Labs is like an extension of each IPS developer’s QA department.  A representative from the network IPS vendor who was present disagreed with my conclusion.  

The (malware) gift that keeps giving…

It’s pretty simple. If you are going to distribute any computer media to anyone, at anytime, it’s best to scan it with an ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus Product before you distribute it.  You can find a list of certified Anti-Virus products here.

Tips On Choosing Which Vulnerabilities to Test

During April and May 2010, two interesting vulnerability-related developments occurred.  First, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published the list of vulnerabilities that it cares about in terms of its USGv6 testing.  Second, a helpful new web site, "Useable" CVE Security Vulnerability Data, was l