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Why a Test Lab Needs to be Wary of Commercial Exploit Packet Captures

When it comes to testing coverage protection for their network intrusion prevention system (IPS), enterprise end users may use a commercial tool that contains and replays many exploit packet captures.[1]    

ICSA Labs Making News Again

Well, looks like Andy and I are making news again! I have an opinion piece on a familiar topic just published in Government Security News and Andy is featured in SC Magazine.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Happy Valentines Day -- here’s your malware.

Pick a holiday, any holiday, and get ready for targeted, malicious email.  

Looking to make certified products a proposal requirement? Look here for sample language.

Today (January 6) we issued a press release (available here www.icsalabs.com/press-release/icsa-labs-offers-tips) with tips on how business and government agencies can use independent product assurance from a third party to simplify the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. 

ICSA Labs Issues Report that Exposes Common Flaws Among Security Products

Welcome to the launch of the ICSA Labs Blog.  We are excited about the opportunity to use our new blog as a forum for greater interaction with the security community at large, especially those with a vested interest in computing security.