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Sponsored Ads Serving Up Scams On Facebook

Over the weekend, my eyes were drawn to this sponsored ad on my Facebook page.
Hmm… I’ve seen that sort of thing before, but it says it’s something to do with Amazon, so I click it, expecting to go to amazon.com.

1 to 5 million infected Android apps… or not?

Over the weekend, several websites picked up Symantec’s story about trojanized apps on the official Android Market. This happens from time to time, but what got everyone’s attention was that they said the number appeared to be between one and five million downloads, which is a pretty big number. 

Ramnit’s Not Actually a Facebook Worm

Hi folks,

Last week, information surfaced about a new version of W32/Ramnit, which had stolen some Facebook credentials. Most people understood that to mean that there was a new Facebook worm in town.

When Ages and Revolutions Converge

As this is my first post on ICSA Labs’ blog, I thought I’d take a little bit of time to explain how I currently see the malware world. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been dealing with viruses and assorted malware since 1987, which is about when the first viruses appeared.

Are New Smart Grid Initiatives Secure?

Throughout the world, electric utilities are developing and implementing Smart Grid initiatives.

The Mobile Device Threat Evolution

It’s no surprise that the use of mobile devices continues to accelerate.  As adoption increases it’s been interesting to observe the evolution of mobile security threats.  

IPv6 in 2011: Where are you?

Whether IPv6 is here or not is a really old and tired topic. Bottom line - it has arrived, it is real and the train has left the station. 

Now the question is: where are you? On the train or still waiting on the platform?

ICSA Labs Posts Results from First Quarterly Vulnerability Test for Network IPS

ICSA Labs today posted the results of our first quarterly vulnerability test against all ICSA Labs certified network IPS products. 

ICSA Labs Releases New White Paper on Hot Topics in Health IT

We’ve just released a new whitepaper entitled Compliance, Incentives and Penalties:  Hot Topics in US Health IT.  If you live in the U.S., you might take a read as the topic of this paper—changes to healthcare—is going to significantly impact your interaction with the U.S.

Hoofy, Boo, and the Great Firewall of China

Last month I mentioned the Great Firewall of China in a blog posting.  Apparently it was recently in the news covered by Hoofy and Boo as well.  What?  You’ve never heard of Hoofy and don’t know who Boo is either?  This 2 minute video will get you acquainted with them and tell you about their experiences with the Great Firewall of Ch