2015 Edition Certification Testing Webinar Series

February 11, 2016 - March 24, 2016

Experts from ICSA Labs, an ONC-Authorized Certification Body and Accredited Test Lab, will provide education on the certification testing requirements for the new 2015 Edition criteria.

Through attending these webinars, you will gain a better understanding of the following:

  • Gap-eligible criteria
  • Criteria updates and revisions
  • Certification testing requirements
  • Attestation documentation guidelines
  • Certification disclosure and transparency mandates


You must register to attend these complimentary webinars. A separate registration is required for each date.

2/11 @2 pm ET  

Clinical and Security Criteria

Criteria 170.315(a)(1)-(15) and 170.315(d)(1)-(11) will be discussed

2/25 @ 2 pm ET

Care Coordination, CQMs, and Patient Engagement Criteria

Criteria 170.315(b)(1)-(8), 170.315(c)(1)-(4), and 170.315(e)(1)-(3) will be discussed

3/10 @ 2 pm ET

Public Health, Automated Measures, CCDA Performance, and Direct Criteria

Criteria 170.315(f)(1)-(15), 170.315(g)(1)-(2), 170.315(g)(6), and 170.315(h)(1)-(2) will be discussed

3/17 @ 2 pm ET

Certification Disclosure & Transparency Requirements

Mandatory product disclosures, attestation and required reporting to be discussed

3/24 @ 2 pm ET

System Design and Application Access Criteria

Criteria 170.315(g)(3)-(5) and 170.315(g)(7)-(9) will be discussed