Excellence in Information Security Testing Awards

ICSA Labs EIST Award Seal

Excellence in Information Security Testing (EIST) Award winners demonstrate - through continuous independent third-party security testing performed by ICSA Labs - a high standard of security product quality. Year-after-year companies like this year’s award winners invest valuable time and resources having ICSA Labs test their security products. Through continued testing at ICSA Labs, these security product developers reduce risk while increasing security, trust and usability for their customers.

2021 EIST Award Winners
15-Year EIST Award 10-Year EIST Award

5-Year EIST Award




Congratulations 2021 EIST Award winners on this outstanding achievement!



Past and Present EIST Award Winners

20-Year EIST Award Year Awarded 15-Year EIST Award Year Awarded
2015 2018
2019 2019
2020 2017
2020 2020
2020 2015






10-Year EIST Award Year Awarded 5-Year EIST Award Year Awarded
2019 2018
2021 2018


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