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2015 Edition Final Rule Overview

Experts from ICSA Labs, an ONC-Authorized Certification Body and Accredited Test Lab, reviewed the recently published 2015 Edition Health Information Technology (Health IT) Certification Criteria Final Rule during a webinar held on November 3, 2015.

This webinar will help you get a better understanding of the following:    

  •     Changes from 2014 Edition to 2015 Edition certification criteria
  •     New and updated interoperability standards
  •     Privacy and security modifications
  •     In-the-field surveillance requirements
  •     New transparency disclosures
  •     Anticipated program launch dates

For more information about the ICSA Labs' ONC Health IT testing and certification program, contact us at EHR@icsalabs.com.


Do Enterprise Mobile Apps Pose a Risk?

Enterprise mobile apps have made it easier for customers and employees alike to use a variety of services provided by all kinds of businesses. The question is this: Are they secure? Check out this short video to see what enterprise organizations can do to ensure that their mobile apps not only protect their customers but also their brand and reputation as well.

Jump Start Strategies for 2014 Edition Certification

In January 2013, the ONC launched the permanent Health IT Certification Program and released its 2014 Edition EHR Certification criteria.  These criteria set a higher bar for EHR software in new functional areas, and most organizations now face long development cycles as they prepare products for testing.  This 30-minute webinar offers ideas and cost-effective strategies your organization can adopt as you pursue 2014 Edition certification.


ONC Certification Customer Testimonial

Tim Schmidt, CEO of Health Systems Technology, discusses the positive experience his company had while working with ICSA Labs on their Meaningful Use Certification.  ICSA Labs' ONC Health IT Testing and Certification team strives to provide a superior customer experience.

Interop2013: Partner Spotlight – ICSA Labs | F5

Peter Silva, technical marketing manager with f5, interviews ICSA Labs' Brian Monkman, ICSA Perimeter Security Program Manager, at Interop2013 to discuss testing, certifications and ICSA Labs' plans to adjust some of their testing methodology to match the changes occurring in the industry.

IHE USA Certification Program: NA 2013 Connectathon Overview of Certification Track

IHE USA and ICSA Labs are pleased to announce a new program, with an immediate opportunity for participants of the 2013 North American Connectathon.  The IHE Certification Program provides a unique opportunity for vendors who are committed to demonstrating that their products meet the highest quality of implementation of IHE integration profiles. The program will provide an additional industry-accepted certification step to complement existing testing at the Connectathon, to ensure that different software products can appropriately and securely connect with one another according to IHE specifications.

This recorded webinar will provide an overview of the IHE Certification pilot program and details on how to participate at next month's NA Connectathon.


2014 Edition Certification Criteria: Interoperability Standards and Updates

Join experts from ICSA Labs as they review the new and updated Interoperability standards, specifications and requirements published in the Final Rule for 2014 Edition Meaningful Use Certification Standards and Criteria. Standards and specifications discussed in the overview will include but are not limited to patient summaries and transitions of care documents (CCDA), transport requirements (DIRECT), and quality reporting (QRDA).


2014 Edition Certification Criteria: Privacy and Security Updates Webinar

With more than a decade of experience in evaluating information security products, our featured presenter, Kevin Brown, has extensive knowledge of various security and networking technologies. His experience with real-world installations provides a valuable perspective on the challenges that EHR developers may face with the 2014 Edition Security and Privacy provisions. Join ICSA Labs for an informative session exploring the nuances of these criteria.

2014 Edition – Program and Clinical Criteria Updates Webinar

After much anticipation, the Final Rule governing the Stage 2 Standards and Certification Criteria has been released.  In this webinar ICSA Labs discusses general programmatic changes in the Permanent Certification Program and takes a deeper dive into the clinical criteria.  Our experts provide an overview of these items and host a Q&A session afterwards.  This will be the first in a series of webinars hosted to take an in-depth look into the final rule. Visit ICSA Labs Healthcare Program news and events page for more information.