Barracuda Networks' NC 500 Web Application Firewall 2.0.1 certified
April 15th, 2009

The Barracuda NC 500 with software version 6-2-0-1141 successfully satisfied all of ICSA Labs' Web Application Firewall certification criteria and has achieved ICSA Labs Web Application Firewall Certification. Below is a summary of the findings discovered during testing. Please review the lab report's  Requirements for Certification section of each violation’s criteria group for details. 

  • Documentation – Specifically criteria elements DO3 and DO4
  • Administration – None
  • Vulnerability Testing – None
  • Persistence – None
  • Functional Security – Specifically criteria elements HF1 and HF3
  • Logging – Specifically criteria elements LO2A1, LO2I, LO2F and LO8