ESTsecurity's ALYac 4 maintains ICSA Labs Endpoint Anti-Malware Certification
November 2nd, 2020
Following ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware testing performed in October 2020, ESTsecurity's ALYac 4 satisfied all of the security requirements in the ICSA Labs testing standard. During the October test cycle, the endpoint anti-malware product detected over 99% of the testset (all but 10 samples) during a real time protection test. (The test set is comprised of malware known to exist in systems worldwide.) 
As a result, ALYac 4 retained ICSA Labs Endpoint Anti-Malware Certification.  Each month, ICSA Labs will continue to perform endpoint anti-malware testing of the latest ESTsecurity anti-malware product, monitoring how well it continues to defend against known malicious threats.
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