Huawei Next-Generation Firewall Solutions Receive IPSec 2.2 Enhanced and SSL-TLS Certification
March 4th, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, March 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei today announced that its next-generation firewall (NGFW) solutions - Unified Security Gateway (USG) series and Eudemon series - have received IPSec 2.2 Enhanced Certification and SSL-TLS VPN 4.0 Certification from ICSA Labs. Obtaining this certification provides carriers and enterprises with further assurance that Huawei NGFW solutions deliver advanced security to protect against cyber threats that target networks, applications and data.

Huawei NGFW solutions passed validity, data integrity, security and administration tests, as well as the IPSec enhanced test. The enhanced test included additional items such as RSA signature, X.509 certificate, and interoperability with dynamically addressed peers.

To date, Huawei NGFW solutions have obtained four certifications and one award from ICSA Labs. In March 2015, Huawei became China's first IPS-certified security vendor by passing the ICSA IPS test, with Huawei's entire NGFW series receiving the ICSA firewall certification. In May 2015, Huawei received a 10-Year Excellence in Information Security Testing (EIST) Award issued by ICSA Labs at the RSA Conference 2015. Products submitted for certification have been retained by ICSA Labs for subsequent long-term stability testing. With over a year of testing, Huawei NGFW solutions continue to demonstrate outstanding capabilities.

"ICSA Labs stringent testing criteria is developed to verify that our customer's solutions are held to the high standards that their customer's expect," said Brian Monkman, network security programs manager, ICSA Labs. "Huawei's continued testing demonstrates their committed to the quality assurance process."

"To block today's security threats, customers are looking for advanced NGFW solutions to safeguard their networks," said Liu Lizhu, vice president of Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei. "ICSA Labs certification for our NGFW solutions demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering stable and reliable security products for over ten years, while also enhancing our customer's confidence in our ability to provide comprehensive security protection and exceptional performance."

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