Today's Hottest Threats
January 7th, 2017

As reported in the press, Ransomware was hot in 2016. That rings true - and is reflected in - ICSA Labs' standard ATD and ATD-Email testing. Received spam emails with Ransomware numbered upwards of 30,000 per day in both the Q2 and Q3 2016 test cycles and nearly 70,000 per day in the Q4 2016 test cycle.

Comparing the quantity of Ransomware received in late 2015 and early 2016 to the amount received in both Q2 and Q3 2016 reveals an approximately 12,000% increase in received malicious Ransomware threats! If Ransomware was big in Q2 and Q3 2016, Ransomware was especially prevalent in Q4 2016.  Roughly 68,000, or more than double the previous quarters per day average, were received throughout the Q4 test cycle, many of which were harvested, used (if new enough) or adapted for use in testing. 

Average # ZIP Archives/Day








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