AVX Series Platform - Virtual Secure Access Gateway

The AVX Series are hyperconverged platforms designed specifically to host networking and security workloads. The platforms deliver the performance of physical appliances coupled with the agility of virtual appliances while providing dedicated resources per instance. Array’s Network Functions Platforms include high-performance SSL hardware to process SSL traffic with performance equal to that of dedicated, single-function appliances. The AVX Series features a security-hardened operating system that protects against a wide range of network attacks. Both the AVX Series and the vxAG virtual SSL VPN utilize Array’s robust SSL stack, which is tuned for both security and performance, and has proved immune to attacks such as Heartbleed, GHOST, DROWN and others. The combination of SSL hardware, security hardening and Array’s proprietary SSL stack – and the ability to host multiple security functions and service-chain them within a single consolidated appliance – make the AVX Series particularly well suited for use in data centers.

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Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Datesort icon
SSL-TLS VPN 4.0 current Proprietary Not Specified 09/19/2018