BIG-IP Family

F5's BIG IP® family of products can be deployed as virtual solutions or on a series of purpose-built application delivery controllers.  From network firewall, DDoS protection, SSL offload, DNS security, application security, and access security to traffic management, application acceleration, and much more, the BIG-IP system is a strategic point of control to ensure your applications are always fast, secure, and available.
The modular BIG-IP system is built on F5’s TMOS® full proxy architecture, which offers tremendous performance, scalability, and customization. Using F5’s event-driven iRules®, application, security, and network teams can quickly build new services that inspect, transform, and direct application traffic.
The BIG-IP family consists of the BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager™, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager™, BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager™, BIG-IP Access Policy Manager®, BIG-IP Application Security Manager™, BIG-IP WebAccelerator™, and BIG-IP WAN Optimization Manager™ solutions.BIG-IP modules can be deployed as standalone or layered solutions, on virtual editions, appliances, or multi-line-card chassis systems.

Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Network Firewalls current Proprietary Corporate Certified 11/21/2017
IPSec IKE current Proprietary Basic Certified 11/02/2017
Network Firewalls current Proprietary HA Certified 11/21/2017
SSL-TLS VPN 4.0 current Proprietary Not Specified 05/17/2017