FireEye NX Series

The NX Series models use the signature-less MVX engine to execute suspicious binaries and web objects automatically detecting known and never-before-seen exploits and malware introduced into heterogeneous networks with many types of endpoints. As an attack plays out, the MVX engine captures callback channels, dynamically creates blocking rules, and shares information about the attack with other FireEye Network Security sensors connected through the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud. This shared information allows all FireEye Network Security sensors to immediately deploy blocking rules against unknown attacks. NX Series models also include FireEye Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology to detect common attacks with conventional signature matching.   

For test reports (in PDF format) following quarterly ICSA Labs ATD testing and information about the most recent versions tested, please see below.


Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) see report N/A Not Specified Certified 10/06/2016