GajShield Next Generation Firewall Appliance Family

GajShield's extensive portfolio of Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliances provides complete visibility into various threats and performance inhibitors allowing organizations to make informed decisions and to take proactive security measures. GajShield firewall appliances provide powerful & integrated protection, enhanced user productivity, granular policy definition, zero-day protection, pro-active security to networks, and real-time protection against various fast-moving threats like spyware, phishing, and masked applications including malwares, ad-ware, P2P, and Instant Messaging. With its Context Sensitive Data Leak Prevention, GajShield firewall appliances not only protect you from external threats, but also secure your data. GajShield firewall appliances are complimented with Cloud Security that protects your devices even when they are out of your network, in insecure environments.  
GajShield’s range of Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) appliances are fully equipped to provide security to SOHO, SME and large enterprises. GajShield firewall appliances are enterprise-class appliances delivering high levels of performance and security. Not only do GajShield appliances detect applications independent of port use, they also understand the context of data flows in many web-based cloud (SaaS) applications (CASB). 
This empowers an enterprise to inspect data and prevent data leaks. GajShield firewall appliances have one of the security industry's most powerful Deep Inspection Engines that accurately classifies network applications in real time. Each firewall appliance is capable of being configured in Active-Active or Active-Passive High Availability mode. Moreover, multiple firewalls can be easily managed using GajShield's Centralised Management System which makes it an ideal all-around security solution for enterprises.



Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Network Firewalls current Proprietary Corporate 02/27/2018