H3C SecPath Firewall Family

The H3C SecPath Firewall Family is a series of new generation high-performance firewalls, deployed in small-and-medium sized enterprises, LAN network egresses, WAN branches, large-scale enterprise campus networks, service providers, and data centers. The H3C SecPath Firewall Family meets the requirements of Web 2.0 and highly integrates basic and advanced security protections and networking capabilities, including access control, IPS, AV, URL filtering, routing capabilities, IPv4 and IPv6 dual stacks, various VPN services and related protections. High-density GE and 10GE port access capabilities are provided to adapt to all kinds of deployment scenarios. The firewalls adopt H3C’s highly-available proprietary software to achieve carrier-level high availability. Redundant power and fan modules help achieve high reliability.
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Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Network Firewalls current Proprietary Corporate Certified 01/07/2022