Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP)

Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to provide your business with anti-malware protection. It also defends against sophisticated cyber crimes, including advanced persistent threats and ransomware.
Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape is outpacing the efficacy of many security solutions. New malware campaigns are launched every day, with threats hiding in carefully crafted spear-phishing emails.
Juniper ATP provides an extra layer of protection on top of antivirus and antispam tools. It extends your defenses beyond traditional security solutions by detecting never-before-seen malware attachments and stopping them before they hit their targets. Whether your mail server is hosted on-premises or moved to Office 365 in the cloud, Juniper ATP intercepts cyber attacks to keep your business moving.

Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) see report N/A Not Specified Certified 10/03/2018