Sequretek EDPR

Sequretek EDPR is an intelligent, easy to manage, simple to deploy and use endpoint product that works efficiently in heterogeneous environments. EDPR provides real-time defense against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, ransomware attacks and other malicious activities.  EDPR integrates advanced antivirus, host firewall, advanced threat protection, host intrusion detection and prevention, device control, application whitelisting, data leakage prevention (DLP) and patching into a single product. EDPR runs as a single, lightweight agent on endpoints.  All endpoints running EDPR are administered from a single management console that provides end-to-end response. 
Sequretek EDPR is driven by machine learning. Sequretek indicated that there is both a learning phase and a production phase.  As this was the first time through testing, Sequretek indicated the solution remained in its learning phase.  Once the solution transitions to the production phase, Sequretek expects a decrease in false positives. 

Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) see report N/A Not Specified Certified 07/08/2020