Versa FlexVNF

Versa FlexVNF includes the broadest set of virtual network functions in the industry – from a full set of networking, routing & VPN capabilities, including SD-WAN, to a wide range of basic and advanced security functions – making it possible to design rich managed services and enterprise architectures, and deliver them with agility since they were designed for automation through programmability and to work seamlessly together.
Versa FlexVNF utilizes a software-defined approach that is fundamentally different than traditional proprietary and expensive network equipment and appliances. Deployed on low-cost Intel-based hardware, Versa FlexVNF supports the widest set of deployment options in the industry, and can be deployed in both legacy networks and new SDN environments. FlexVNF runs on “off-the-shelf” bare metal servers & white box appliances; as well as, virtualized deployments running on hypervisor VMs (VMware ESXi & KVM) or Linux containers. FlexVNF takes full advantage of multi-socket and multi-core processors and Intel System-on-Chip, QuickAssist & DPDK support for maximum use of the underlying hardware resources, resulting in superior performance, security and throughput.
Versa FlexVNF is purpose-built with carrier & enterprise scale and service provisioning capabilities, including distributed control and data plane technology with inherent elasticity and capacity on-demand. The software includes built-in multi-tenancy that provides deployment flexibility, segmentation and economies of scale, critical for both service provider & carrier managed services and diverse enterprise environments. Powerful service chaining for both Versa and third party services, including appliances, enables providers and large enterprises the flexibility to easily integrate multiple network and security functions into their managed services and enterprise architectures.
Versa FlexVNF seamlessly integrates with existing and new DevOps oriented operations, monitoring, reporting & management environments and supports standard protocols and log formats, including Syslog, IPFIX, SNMP, AMQP, NETCONF & REST APIs.
Versa FlexVNF network & security functions deliver carrier grade and enterprise ready SD-WAN, Security & vCPE solutions at scale with multitenancy. The software-defined approach provides superior service delivery and agility over traditional proprietary appliance-based solutions, while maintaining service continuity at significantly reduced hardware and operating costs.

Certification Product Version Operating System Certification Type Status Certification Date Expiration Date
Network Firewalls current Proprietary Corporate Certified 05/04/2016