Malware is a major security threat to businesses and home users alike.  As security products purporting to defend against malware abound, those same businesses and home users need some assurance that anti-malware products will keep pace with the evolving threatscape to defend against unwanted intruders.  ICSA Labs anti-malware testing does just that.  At the labs we've been providing anti-malware product certification testing to security product developers for over a quarter of a century! 

Unlike at competing labs, testing at ICSA Labs is performed monthly. We want to make sure the anti-malware products defend you not just now-and-then but throughout the year.  As malware changes, so do our test cases.

ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Malware Products

ICSA Labs is the security industry's central anti-malware product testing and certification facility. Here, you will always find those endpoint and network-based anti-malware  products that are currently certified along with how they did during monthly testing.

Don't see a particular security product vendor?  Challenge them to participate in ICSA Labs' monthly recurring anti-malware testing.