The growth of malicious programs has steadily increased from an annoyance to a major security threat to all communities of Internet users and businesses. ICSA Labs helps anti-virus product developers address these threats with our Product Certification programs.

ICSA Labs Certified Anti-Virus Products

ICSA Labs is the security industry's central anti-virus product testing and certification facility. Here, you will always find which products are currently certified along with detailed lab reports of the tests that are conducted.

If you are looking for a product that does not appear on the Certified Products list, please check the Testing Reports as they may shed some light as to  whether the product has failed our testing and has been removed from the site.

Product Maintenance Testing

Maintenance testing is conducted as necessary, at ICSA Labs discretion, throughout the contract year to ensure ongoing criteria compliance and for quality assurance purposes.  Products are tested against updated test sets as well as against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.  Unlike during the primary testing cycle, typically a subset of the entire test suite is exercised during maintenance testing.

Once a product is certified, ICSA Labs will test the product to assure continued compliance with the testing criteria. These Product Maintenance Tests are carried out at the discretion of ICSA Labs, but not less than quarterly. These tests are conducted using the developer's latest updates without the prior knowledge of the developer. This helps to ensure that every release of the product is capable of meeting the certification criteria, not just a special 'certification' version.

When issues arise during the Product Maintenance Tests, ICSA Labs provides a guideline of 7 total calendar days for the developer to actively work towards a final resolution. The 7 days guideline may be non-consecutive, which takes into consideration any assistance from ICSA Labs. After the guideline, ICSA Labs may determine when the maintenance testing cycle will be closed and then report on the current results of all certified products.

If a product does not maintain ongoing criteria compliance, the product may be decertified. Once a product has been decertified, certification can only be regained when the vendor ships, through its normal distribution channel, a version of the product which is certifiable. A special fix just sent to ICSA Labs for testing is not acceptable.