Anti-Virus Product Developers Consortium

The Anti-Virus Product Developers Consortium (AVPD) was established in 1991. This group was formed to provide an open forum in which developers could work toward common goals such as product testing, product certification, surveys, studies, and market research. Since then, the AVPD has developed into an international group of developers representing the market leaders on four continents. Over the past 19 years, the consortium has proven its success not only in strengthening the anti-virus industry, but also by increasing the safety of end users through the rigorous testing and certifying of anti-virus software.

  • To provide a forum for developers to discuss issues of mutual concern, such as   industry standards, product testing, and product certification. 
  • To produce special projects such as creation of white papers, educational and training materials, and market research surveys and studies.
  • To provide a forum for information exchange among Anti-Virus Product Developers, vendors, users and related industry groups.


ICSA Labs' Function

As the sponsor and facilitator of the consortium, ICSA Labs will provide dedicated project management to ensure that consortium objectives are met and that members are well informed. To help accomplish this, ICSA Labs will provide support resources as required and provide a variety of communications mechanisms.