Protection from New Malicious Threats

Security products have long shielded enterprises from known threats.  Defending against new threats had largely been a bridge too far.  But with vendor solutions that now defend against new threats, enterprises must know how well they work.  Enterprises require rigorous, recurring testing of these solutions to inform their decisions.
With that in mind, ICSA Labs developed and launched its standard Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certification Testing program.  

Kinds of Threat Defense Solutions Tested

Standard ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certification Testing is aimed at both single and multi-component vendor solutions that protect enterprises from unknown and little-known malicious threats.  Whether or not the solution is at the endpoint, at the perimeter, in the cloud, a combination of these or something else altogether, ICSA Labs' standard ATD Certification Testing aims to accommodate a variety of security vendor solutions in our testing.  

Contact Us

ICSA Labs welcomes questions from security product vendors with threat defense solutions that are interested in certification testing.  We look forward to welcoming you to the next quarterly test cycle!  Send us your questions via e-mail or call 717.919.0758.