Importance of Email Security Solutions in Defending Enterprises

Email security solutions play a critical role in protecting enterprises from the latest malware.  According to data from Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), malicious email attachments are the number one means by which enterprises were compromised during the prior year (refer to the image below).  Over the last decade, malicious email attachments and malicious URLs are two of the top five vectors by which breaches occur.  
Email Attachments #1 Means By Which Enterprises Are Breached per 2016 DBIR
With that in mind, ICSA Labs developed and launched an Advanced Threat Defense - Email  (ATD-Email) Certification Testing program to test email security solutions.  The testing program is aimed at determining how well these email security solutions detect new and little-known malicious threats in email. Check out the Testing Program's characteristics as well as the Testing Criteria to see if your email security solution has what it takes to properly protect against todays' email threats.

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Security product vendors wanting to demonstrate through ongoing certification testing how well their email security solution detects previously unknown and often advanced targeted email threats should contact ICSA Labs to register for testing.  We look forward to welcoming your email security solution to the next quarterly ATD-Email test cycle!  Send us your questions via e-mail or call 717.790.8111 to register.