2015 Edition Program - Updates 10-14-2020


2015 Edition Program

In the ONC Health IT Certification Program, testing and certification activities are performed by distinct and separate entities within ICSA Labs. Certification for EHR Technology that meets requirements adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) is granted by the ICSA Labs ONC-Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB), which has also been accredited as an independent and impartial Health IT Certification Body by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). More information on the ANSI Health IT Accreditation Program can be found at www.ansi.org

Certification by ICSA Labs reassures health care providers that the EHR technology they adopt has been evaluated by an independent third party for conformance to specific federal criteria related to clinical functionality, interoperability, information security, and patient privacy.

ICSA Labs is authorized to certify EHR technology for the ONC's Health IT Certification Program related to the 2015 Edition and 2015 Edition Cures criteria.

For more information about the ICSA Labs Certification Program, see the Certification Program Manual below.

Product Surveillance - ICSA Labs certification staff conducts regular surveillance on all certified products to ensure continued conformance to the standards and requirements under which the product was certified. Surveillance activities are tracked and documented as part of the policy guidance issued by the ONC. For more information on surveillance, see the ONC's Program Guidance. See the current ICSA Labs Surveillance Plan document below.

Complaints - Users or purchasers of ICSA Labs ONC-ACB Certified EHR products that have concerns or questions about a product's certified functionality should contact the product vendor first. However, if there are issues related to compliance based on certification criteria, complete the complaint form below and submit it to ICSA Labs at EHR@icsalabs.com. Please include the vendor name, product name, specific version deployed, CHPL Product ID, as well as details around the issues of concern. An ICSA Labs representative will follow up with you.

ONC Health IT Certification Manual
ICSA Labs CY 2020 Surveillance Plan
ONC Health IT Certification Terms of Use
ICSA Labs Certified Product Complaint Form