What is ConCert by HIMSS™?

ConCert by HIMSS is a comprehensive interoperability testing and certification program governed by HIMSS and built on the work of the EHR | HIE Interoperability Workgroup and IHE USA. ConCert by HIMSS tests and certifies electronic health record (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) vendors committed to advancing interoperability and enabling secure, reliable transfer of data within and across organizational and state boundaries.

How does ConCert by HIMSS™ work?

This robust, highly automated testing and certification program will verify that, once certified, a product is capable of exchanging health information securely and reliably with other certified products. With this certification, a single set of standardized, easy-to-implement connections can support communication among systems.

What are the benefits of the ConCert by HIMSS™ program for healthcare providers?

ConCert by HIMSS offers a one-of-a-kind, vendor-independent seal of approval for health information systems, designed to help provider organizations objectively evaluate solutions and their true impact on their organization over the short and long-term. A comprehensive program that streamlines the certification of products, ConCert by HIMSS reduces the need for costly custom interfaces and is backed by trusted names. It is transparent, collaborative and dedicated to innovation and the evolution of interoperable solutions that provide reliable systems integration and functionality. When a solution features the ConCert mark, organizations can be assured that the product is interoperable with other products and will include the ability to store, access and share the health information that an organization and its patients require.

What are the benefits for vendors to pursue ConCert by HIMSS™ certification?

ConCert by HIMSS is a comprehensive certification for solutions that facilitate standards-based secure and reliable data exchange. Designed to simplify and streamline the certification process, the ConCert program saves vendors time and money that can instead be channeled into innovation. Organizations can get an edge on competition with the ConCert mark—the only vendor-independent certification that assures providers that products are interoperable and is backed by trusted industry leaders.

How does ConCert by HIMSS™ support emerging standards such as HL7 FHIR®?

ConCert by HIMSS is supportive of emerging standards that enable the interoperability of health IT solutions. For example, HL7 FHIR® is a next generation scalable standards framework that is web services based. IHE will continue to work with HL7 and other stakeholders to align specifications that leverage evolving standards and services as they mature. Healthcare providers need a dependable and mature set of standards to drive their interoperability capabilities today. The ConCert by HIMSS testing and certification program is positioned for the future, while based on a sound exchange infrastructure that delivers this high level of interoperability now.