ICSA Labs' Custom Testing services offer vendors and end users the same credible, real world valuation that has made ICSA Labs the global leader in the information security space. The program was designed to meet the needs of security product vendors, non-security product vendors, and corporate end-users by providing them with the knowledge and expertise that has made ICSA Labs a leader in the industry. The program consists of the following offerings:

 Vendor Certification Testing -

Offers security product developers and solution providers a customized program that tests products in a controlled network environment against a set of criteria and industry standards. Testing and certification is an ongoing, dynamic process. Once a product meets the certification requirements, periodic testing continues throughout the testing term. Additionally, the program is structured to tie closely to the product's current positioning and future product roadmap.

Vendor Evaluation Testing -

Offers security and non-security vendors credible third party testing for current and pre-release versions of their products. Vendors with non-security products are evaluated on the security aspects of their products.  ICSA Labs evaluations are custom designed to provide essential feedback in the areas of: Platform Security, Functionality, Baseline Configurations, User Interface, Performance, etc.

Corporate Product Evaluations -

Determining the best products to purchase and deploy can be a difficult process. ICSA Labs will work with you to develop the business requirements that are applicable to your network infrastructure, and will assist you in determining the products that meet your business needs. This process enables you to make informed and intelligent purchasing decisions without pulling resources from current projects.


• Third Party Verification
• Dynamic Real World Testing
• Globally Recognized Certification Brand
• Increased Confidence and User Trust
• Provides ROI
• Cost Effective
• Truth in Advertising

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