Vendor Certification Testing

The Certification Program provides vendors of emerging technology products the ability to go to market with the most recognized commercial security testing & certification authority in the industry. Don't be satisfied with a magazine test. Get certified with ICSA Labs.

ICSA Labs Custom Testing services offer security product developers and solution providers a customized program that tests products in a controlled network environment against a set of criteria and industry standards. Testing and certification is an ongoing, dynamic process. Once a product meets the certification requirements, periodic testing continues throughout the testing term. Additionally, the program is structured to tie closely to the product’s current positioning and future product road map. 

Certification Testing Includes:

Individualized Test Methodology & Criteria - customized test plans are tailored specifically to the product while drawing from ICSA Labs' extensive knowledge base

Yearly Test Plan - includes new version coverage, regression testing and periodic maintenance testing within the testing term

Continuous Deployment - labs deploy products 24X7 - 365 days a year for immediate exploit and vulnerability testing as well as periodic maintenance

ICSA Labs Certified Status
- the ICSA Labs globally recognized seal illustrates that the product has succeeded in meeting ICSA Labs' high standards for security performance and quality. The ICSA Labs Certified brand assures buyers that the product is trustworthy

The ICSA Labs Certified seal can be proudly displayed as a sign of credibility and due diligence, while offering important information to end users in determining which technology vendor stands above the rest.

Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge base of security related products as well as our recognized world-wide brand of testing and certification. Hundreds of leading product developers use ICSA Labs for testing and certification. Because our analysts possess an in-depth knowledge on such a broad range of security products, they are able to provide invaluable input throughout the testing and certification process.

Certification of your product earns your company the opportunity to display the ICSA Labs Certified seal, offering end users added trust and purchasing confidence for your product.

Public lab reports are available for review on the ICSA Labs ' web pages and can be incorporated into vendor product marketing materials.

Customized Certification Program Offers:

•  Cost Effective, Third Party Assessment
•  Globally Recognized Certification Brand
•  Increased User Confidence and Trust
•  Real World Testing
•  RFP fulfillment