Vendor Evaluation Testing

ICSA Labs offers security and non-security vendors credible third party testing for current and pre-release versions of their products.  Vendors with non-security products are evaluated on the security aspects of their products.  ICSA Labs evaluations are custom designed to provide essential feedback in the areas of: Platform Security, Functionality, Baseline Configurations, User Interface, Performance, etc.
Confidential Evaluations can be completed in conjunction with new version releases to optimize quality assurance within your development cycles.   

Public Evaluations leverage the credibility of the ICSA Labs brand, providing your prospective customers with an evaluation from the Industry's globally recognized certification and testing lab.


• Provide unbiased, accurate assessments for C-level executives & venture partners
• Dramatically reduce QA and development costs
• Accelerate development cycles

Evaluation process may include:

• Functional/Regression Testing   
• Platform Security Testing
• Performance Testing
• System Reviews   
• User Interface Reviews
• Interoperability
• Out-of-box Experience